Hello and welcome to Yoga with Sarah!  I’m Sarah, a yoga teacher and Mum of 4 who lives and teaches in rural Mid Ulster.  

My yoga journey began over 12 years ago when I started yoga to stretch and tone my body and to find some balance and ‘me time’ out of my busy schedule.  I soon fell in love with both the physical and the breathing and meditative practices. 

A yoga practice adapts to your needs through all of life's twists and turns.  From when I needed a more physical practice to times when I needed to step back.  It was there throughout my pregnancies, in my postnatal recovery and everywhere inbetween.  Yoga is simply how I stay connected to myself as I navigate a busy life and this is what I am passionate about sharing with you.

I am teaching for 5 years now and have over 400 hours of training and advanced training qualifications, including Ante- and Post Natal training, Baby Yoga and Children's Yoga and Mindfulness.  I truly believe that everyone can benefit from bringing some form of yoga into their life and provide a range of classes to help you do just that.


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