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When the Pose Hits Different

‘When you slow it down - it just hits different’ said one of my regular vinyasa flow yogis after our recent morning session in the beautiful sunshine of The Old Bank’s courtyard.

We had shared a more gentle pace than she’d be used to and held the poses that little bit longer.

There is no doubt I am most at home with a flow class - I love the movement and how it makes my body feel, it helps me unwind, distracts my mind and the dance like rhythm gets me in the zone.

BUT lately my body and mind have been whispering to me to step into stillness, to slow it down. They’ve been asking me to challenge myself by facing the ‘darker side’ - where you have to sit with discomfort, you have to notice

where the thoughts go. Yoga wants to shine a light on the hold to see what it reveals.

For me this is uncomfortable - at a time when, between one thing or another, I find that sense of overwhelm is never far away - I’m being asked to sit with it and wait for the layers to begin to peel back.

Maybe this process will expose my flaws, maybe it will force me to face some truths or put myself further outside my comfort zone - whatever it does - I’m beginning to trust it and trust that even if the road is bumpy - it’s still the road back home to myself.

I will still find joy in movement - but maybe we all need to sit a time or two in stillness to see the whole picture.

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