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How do you compare?

I found myself this week comparing my body to another yoga teacher as I scrolled down her Instagram feed. The ability she had to look effortless and elegant as long limbs stretched seemingly endlessly was beautiful to look at. I will never look that way - simply because I will never be that tall! So the inevitable thoughts come streaming in - if I’m unable to look like that, unable to demonstrate the more difficult or challenging postures, won’t people be put off my classes? I can’t compete with a physicality that I can’t achieve and the end result is feelings of insecurity and self doubt.

Part of the beauty of yoga is developing that ability to catch a thought and separate yourself from it. Once I caught it - I wondered what it is that makes us unable to see another persons talent and strength without having it reflect badly on ourselves? After all, I don’t know this girl. I don’t know what she struggles with, whether the images hide scars or little rolls of flesh behind different camera angles.

Comparing myself to her is like comparing apples and oranges, daffodils to roses. They each have their own tastes and scents as we each have our own talents and strengths. They each have their season to bloom as we each have our own time to flourish.

I don't think ill be I’ll be able to stop that habit of comparing myself to others any time soon. It’s human nature I suppose. But I hope I can catch the thought and try to let it go. If we want to compare ourselves with anyone it should be with the person we were six months or a year ago. Look at what you’ve achieved, appreciate your body for what it has carried you through and if physical fitness is your thing, use that image as your benchmark for improvement or your mark of success. I love this little quotation from Annette Kelly below. A gentle reminder today and everyday, you are enough.



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